Have we been “Gifted” with another great Comic Book Show?


So Gifted by Fox with Bryan Singer and Matt Nix as the creators is the new Fox series that takes place in one of the many Fox X-Men Universes. I’m not sure which one yet, but it has to be one of them because Bryan Singer is involved so there is that. Anyways let’s get a brief synopsis of this show; Gifted is a basic by the numbers family drama series from 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television. The show tells the story of a suburban family; Mom/Kate Strucker, Dad/Reed Strucker, Daughter/Lauren Strucker, and Emo Son/Andy Strucker, whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that both children possess mutant powers. With this our suburban family is thrust into the life of being hunted mutants. This leads us to the introduction of the Mutant Underground(Going forward I will refer to them as the MU-Men), who are:

Polaris/Lorna Dane


Eclipse/Fake Havok




& Thunderbird/John Proudstar


...in a word YAWN!!! The only one of the MU-Men who is remotely interesting is Blink, the rest look like they should be extras in one of the Twilight movies. What is it with these comic book shows that the creative minds behind them feel the need to change an amazing looking character like Blink into a regular looking human...who is now Asian with Big green contact lenses...Thunderbird doesn't look nearly big enough nor strong enough to pull off the character. With Polaris, what happened to her trademark hair? I mean she was born with GREEN hair, it’s canon, it is directly from the comics…nope. Finally we have Eclipse….um…well they at least sort of got Havok’s powers right.

Now to be fair to this show is only two episodes in, so my only basis for my opinion are these two aired episodes. But I cannot in good conscience recommend this show. I just can’t. Why, some might ask, it’s the X-men! It is a show created by Matt Nix, and Bryan Singer. Matt Nix created one of my favorite shows of all time in Burn Notice, and Bryan Singer had a good movie at some point in his career.  I’m sure there was at least one, let me think about this…..


The Usual Suspects is his ONLY good Movie. None of his X-Men movies are good (they just give you those nostalgic tickles). This show should be a slam dunk, a home run.  Fox and Marvel have given you the ability to use a world of characters, and you make up a fake Havok character? This is just the beginning of the bad. Why couldn’t they just use Havok? Since in the comics Polaris and Havok are a couple, and it would make a TON of sense, but alas it wasn’t to be. The show is well under-written. The poor actors are trying so hard to pull something from nothing.  All the acting is wooden and hollow.


These poor actors and actresses are fighting to keep in character and keep a straight face when they are delivering some of these awful lines. For a show based on the X-men universe where it should be balls to the wall action from the jump, the cast all seem to be just going through the motions.

As boring and ridiculous as this show may seem, the writers keep dropping X- Men references so people will remember why they're watching the show and keep hope alive that maybe the REAL X-Men will come in and save the day. But who really knows what X-Men team we will get really? Because we really don’t know what X-Men Universe this is yet.

The show really reminds me of that failed experiment that NBC tried a few years ago with the Heroes reboot


This Gifted show has lifted so many ideas and themes from that awful Heroes show that it should be considered a ROBBERY. Case in point "Mutants/Evos are ordered to register with the government, the powerful ones are being exterminated by a Government sanctioned group (either the Sentinels or Vigilantes), so the Mutants/Evos figure out a way to get them to a safe location where they can live without persecution." Does it seem similar? Why HELL YES it DOES!! Shame on you Bryan Singer, Matt Nix, and Fox TV Studios.


Fox Television does have one X-men universe show that is at least a decent show because it was so different and from left field.


Gifted is way too easy to compare to ABC’s Agents of Shield season 1 but with an EMO-Twilight feel to it which is reaching out for all those Tweenage Viewers. So, could this show get better? Sure, I mean look Gotham has stuck around on Fox for a while now. I asked at the very top of this article, Have we been Gifted with another Great comic book show? In a simple answer NO! But is there hope that they can get this show on track and make it a huge hit? Sure they can, but for me honestly I would rather look at j_ruze’s busted up gross looking finger (I’m sorry j_ruze, but it’s GROSS, bro) than watch another episode of this dumpster fire.



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