Do You Believe The LORE??


Well it looks like FRIDAY THE 13TH has brought us some pretty interesting geeky things this year. We were blessed with a trailer to a new Fox and Marvel X-men film The New Mutants:


Another Fox and Marvel X-men film got a release date, and yes it’s going to be for all the lovers out there in movie world.  February 14, 2019:


Both of these pieces of news, at least for me are Ho-Hum boring (see my prior BLOG post regarding my feelings on X-men films & TV products from FOX/Marvel), because also on this Friday, October 13, 2017 we have been given the gift of LORE.  Now I am not sure how familiar you are with LORE, but this show is from the executive producer of The Walking Dead and The X-Files, and it brings to life the Aaron Mahnke podcast LORE


The LORE podcast uncovers true events that are from our deepest, darkest nightmares. The LORE show is a blend of all of our beloved horror legends (werewolves, vampires, ghouls and goblins) and how they are all rooted in some form of real truth. Now I have to say I am a really big fan of the podcast.  I think the show is top notch and extremely well produced.  The podcast is bi-weekly and is narrated by Aaron Mahnke.


Mahnke writes, directs, and produces all of the podcasts with help from Chad Lawson who does all the creepy music.  The podcast always seemed like the perfect vehicle for a television show and thanks to Amazon Prime, we have it! Amazon Prime has given us six episodes in the first season of this show. Each episode has a little surprise in that we actually get good actors in them! You have stars like Campbell Scott (Amazing Spider-Man), and Robert Patrick (T2, X-files) just to name a few. The show has the same feel and tone as the podcast and is genuinely creepy, but in a good way.

I have only just started with the series and will update the BLOG with a much better and in-depth synopsis of this series, but after watching the first episode (They Made a Tonic), this show is definitely worth a watch. It fits perfectly with the month of October, for the fall season, for the Halloween season.  If you like horror shows (or if you just want to see some real life horror stories) give this show a try, and hell why not try the podcast too?

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