Welcome To The New ROC Blog!

{Paul C here.  Before I get started with this post, just a bit of…admin.  I’ve been appointed the main editor of the ROC Blog.  As I also plan on contributing material to the blog, if I need to post anything as “The Editor,” I will post as “Glorious Stefan.”  This way, there’s no confusion between something administrative or something nerdy.}



Hi Folks!

The ROC has a number of podcasts/YouTube shows and depending on which ones have caught your fancy lately, you may or may not have realized that we are opening up this Blog to members of the ROCFam.  The Realm rolls deep and we know everyone has their own perspective on things, and this blog is a great way to share that perspective with others!  Much like The Cool Table Network has done for its “group of likeminded podcasts,” I am envisioning this blog as a great way to bring us all closer together as a community and as a fandom.  It’s a safe space for us all to share our thoughts (on pretty much anything) amongst a group of folks who by default share a common ground. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a number of submissions posted on these pages.  We’ve heard from Anna D (the First Lady Of The ROC) who shared a bit of what it’s like to be a female collector in this male dominated community.  We’ve heard from Tim Kay who showed us how different life is as a collector in Germany.  Are we spoiled for choice here in North America?  Hell yeah, we are, and we still take it for granted (Mericuh!).   JR Linke gave us his thoughts on a great nerd show (LORE) and a…not-so-great one (The Gifted).  Rob Milton gave his thoughts on his rekindled love of collecting. We have other contributions coming, but we want more! 

I am personally looking forward to contributing regular material to the blog in the immediate future.  I actually have so many ideas floating through my head that I don’t know which one to do first!  Leave a comment below if you find one of them particularly intriguing.  I’m currently torn between:


  • A Valiant Comics review (starting with the reboot all the way to the present)
    • Valiant is without question the deepest and most wonderfully interconnected comic universe at the moment and a huge majority of comic readers don’t even know it
    • They’ve also been the most award winning publisher for the past 6 or so years since that reboot
  • A “retro” nerd cartoon review
    • I’d probably start with The Tick animated series or Batman: The Brave And The Bold
  • A non-Cool Table podcast spotlight
    • I listen to a lot of great podcasts of varying topics.  I’d love to be able to turn some other members of The Realm onto some of them  


Though there are a lot of Transformers fans in the ROC, the “C” stands for “Collectors.”  That’s a very broad term and we’d love to hear about all of your passions.  Do you love GI Joe or MASK?  Do you love Super Robots and Gokin figures?  Do you get excited (so to speak) whenever Harvey__Dent talks about the newest SH Figuarts DBZ figures and start chomping at the bit when pnkr10 or Dust have no idea what’s going on?  Do you want to share your love for Gundam with the group?  Do you build dioramas or do toy photography?  Do you do all of these things and have tips about how to manage them all?  Then we welcome your submissions!  If you’d like to contribute to the blog, leave a comment below or send me a PM in the Facebook group (either directly to Paul Chiu or to the Realm Of Collectors page in general).  We can talk topics and I can give you the information on how to submit your contributions.  Are you passionate about something that is under-represented in The Realm?  Here’s your chance to bring others into the fold!  Let’s grow this community and expand some horizons! 



Glorious Stefan 


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