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For those of you who have seen my Instagram page (or met in person), you know there are pretty much 3 things that I truly LOVE:  kid’s toys, animals, and FOOD (and taking pictures, I suppose, but you know, I’m Asian).  Why bring up food on a blog that is ostensibly about nerdy things?  Well, I became a foodie (long before it was trendy to call yourself a foodie) thanks to one Alton Brown.  That guy is nerdy as hell. 


Anyway, I bring AB up because he believes that our favorite foods share a connection to our pasts…that they are more than just calories used for sustenance.  We love them so much because they remind us of a specific moment in our lives.  I don’t have fond memories of Boo Berry cereal because it’s a delicious.  It’s because it reminds me of watching cartoons when I was little young (because of my long running love for food, I don’t think I’ve ever been “little”). 

To this end, longtime Realm member Jason L brought up a great idea for the blog, and if it goes the way I think it will go, it will be a great way to share some great recipes and get to know other members of the Realm.  Let’s post up some of our favorite recipes on the blog.  More than that, let’s share the reason why we like this recipe and why we wanted to share it with the Realm in the first place.  Not everything has to have the childhood tie, but giving that explanation (and maybe a little bio of ourselves) will help us all to know each other a bit more and will go a long way to help make the Realm more of a ROCFam.  


If you're interested in having one of your recipes featured on the blog, leave a comment or hit us up via PM.  Jason has already started interviewing Realm members for their recipes and to feature/spotlight them for the blog, and we should be seeing the first installment next week.  I'd like to tell you who is being featured, but I can't.  I've been told to keep things Shhhhhh...

Watch this space.  Some good (and delicious) stuff is coming!

Glorious Stefan

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