R.O.C.K Reviews: Hot Toys 1/6th Arkham Knight

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Producer: Hot Toys
Height: Approx. 12”
Weight: N/A
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Hot Toys ramps up its gaming sub line with this homage to the “Arkham Knight” series Batman. Being a 1/6th scale (12”) figure really helps in that the details of it all truly pop. The sculpt itself, particularly in the facial-features, is about as accurate as I could have imagined, and the suit (made of a vinyl material) is really nice and detailed as well. My main gripes about the suit would be the shoulders not seeming to be very securely attached (I’ve had no problem with them coming off at this point, but they seem to be lightly glued on; just seems like a problem waiting to happen) and the cape in that it’s beautiful looking with the black leather but the “wires” are so weak that they’re absolutely pointless (particularly when this was sold using promo shots with a cape fully spread.)


The articulation is nice and seemingly “standard” for most mid-sized Hot Toys bodies, but with the spandex suit, there are some limitations as to be expected. Speaking of the suit, although it does crease immediately after posing, the creases do fall out in after a day or so in a regular, straight pose. It comes with a nice variety of hands to hold the extremely well-done assortment of weapons from the games, but unfortunately the non-flexible forearm guards keep you from being able to do much with the wrist articulation, thus hindering some posing with them.

Overall, I feel like this piece is tremendous looking but leaves a bit to be desired if you’re wanting to display him in poses that are a bit more gritty or extravagant. Overall score 7.5/10.


Overall, I feel like this piece is tremendous looking but leaves a bit to be desired if you’re wanting to display him in poses that are a bit more gritty or extravagant. Overall score 7.5/10.



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What’s Next?

Doing some inventory today, I realized just how close I am to finishing my Masterpiece scale Transformer collection. I’m quite literally only a few figures away, and I’d like to upgrade a few. I need to sort out a selection of Dinobots, and I’m missing a couple of the G1 movie cast. Once that’s done, I’m a couple minibots and some combiner upgrades away from being done.

So that leaves me with a dilemma, what happens next? This collection has been my primary focus for the last couple years. Sure, I’ve bought a few other things, and my wife and I always collect video games and related merch, but the effort has been primarily on my G1 crew.

Another wrench was thrown in when I started following and participating in the ROC Instagram push, #realmofcollectors. I see amazing shots from very talented photographers, and a lot of the best aren’t of Transformers. Oh, don’t misunderstand, there is a ton of great TF photography, but some of the things done with other lines is simply mind blowing. And, let’s be clear, I’m a nerd of diverse tastes. From anime to gaming, comics to traditional cartoons, I love all things nerdy.

With my G1 collection winding down, I’ve decided to look heavily at other lines. Sure, I could continue with Transformers, and I’m sure I will with things such as the IDW figures from MMC. However, I’d like to shift my primary focus towards something different. Something that will allow me to shoot some of these crazy photos, and allow me to bond with other characters I already love.

I’m sure this is an issue faced by many collectors as they finish a primary line. I mean, part of the collecting hobby is the act of collecting itself, and there’s just no 12-step program for plastic crack (yet…). There’s nothing like opening that new figure, and putting hands on the toys for the first time. It’s a rush!

Here’s where I’m at: I have a few lines to consider, and some of them may be a challenge.

  1. SH Figuarts has some great stuff from several anime, as well as the video game figures. My wife says we need more video game related things… This one may win.
  2. Figma, same deal as SHF. Have you seen their Samus Aran figures? Perfection! Plus, my wife really likes their Mario and Zelda figures (hmmm… I think I see a trend.)
  3. Hot Toys. Prepare for wallet devastation! But the Marvel stuff is simply amazing!
  4. More Gundam, you can never have enough! But I could graduate to the higher end kits
  5. GI Joe, which I already do collect. The problem is that I sort of relate this to my Transformers collection (and they’re displayed together). Plus, the vehicles take up a LOT of space.

No matter what, collecting has become a fun and challenging hobby for me. It has replaced a couple more expensive ones, and it has allowed me an avenue to bond with my kids. There is a treasure trove of wonderful things to discover, and by branching out, I hope the fire continues. I’m even debating ways to turn a part of my garage into a diorama area, as well as making some modifications to my office for the same reason. The photography aspect has added a whole new dimension to the hobby as well, and I need more diversity in my subject matter.

So, while one collection may be winding down, the hunt continues.  

Rob Milton

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