Stasis Lock 130 - Beast Bangin' Optimus Primal


Primal Sabbath




Just Another G.I. Joe Show/Angry Mike


Ty Prime


Episode Review N/A Beast Banging Ultra Class Optimus Primal/C1 Convoy Collector interview N/A News Iron Factory TM2 Megatron Topics 1) How often do reviews influence whether or not you decide to buy or check something out? (toys, video games, movies, etc...) 2) Do you feel that there is a hypocrisy when comparing official to 3rd party when it comes to design choices? 3) [taken from Deluxe] How important to you is articulation? Viewer Questions/Topics Outro CTN: Shattered Cast Uncut Enter The Realm Toy Detox Figga Bangin Beers & Bolters 40k Plastic Fanatics Breaking The Mold Nerd Rage Radio Fresh Communication Building Up To It Verbally Challenged Masterpiece Shitpiece Theater Honorable Mentions: Back & Forth Blackout & Shout All Qued Up Off The Runner Bed Bath & Bionicle Cybercast Around 30min with Deluxe Baldwin