Stasis Lock 132 - S01E02 Master Of The House

With co-hosts: Ty Prime DaltiniansTFs Megamus Angry Mike Cadillac Joe Clutch/BricksOnTheDollar Interested in being interviewed on the show? send us a message on Facebook! Show Notes: Intros Höls Episode Review Master Of The House Beast Banging N/A Collector interview N/A News Karyuudo Fansubs releases Beast Wars Neo! Masterpiece Blackarachnia Beast Mode, Preorder, and Stock images RUMOR/UNKNOWN: KO/CUSTOM/REISSUE? Lucky Draw Blue Convoy (Optimus Primal) Topics 1) When we last saw Megatron in Beast Wars, he had taken pride in his beast mode, quoting the covenant of Primus even, referring to himself as the dragon in the book's end chapters. Why do you think he now hates that iteration of himself? 2) Do you think popularity for Beast Wars is increasing? and why or why not? 3) Speculation for next BW MP Viewer Questions/Topics Outro