Stasis Lock 133 - Oh, YES!!!!!

With co-hosts: Ty Prime DaltiniansTFs Megamus Angry Mike Cadillac Joe Clutch/BricksOnTheDollar Intros Höls Episode Review N/A Beast Banging Ultra Class Megatron Collector interview N/A News JX Megatron Paint Samples Transform Element Blackarachnia Test Shots Topics 1) from Antoine Lewis: How do you guys feel about the influx of Beast Wars figures or characters being made whether through official or Third-party at any scale?. 2) A discussion about - a petition to have the president back off of tarriffs taxing toys coming from China; this doesn't really affect us too much now, but it's something that can if it goes through. Fact list: The toy industry’s annual total economic impact in the U.S. is $110.9 billion. The average price of a toy is around $10, but the estimated 3 billion units sold across the nation each year generates approximately $27 billion in direct toy sales. The toy industry supports an estimated 691,263 jobs (FTE) generating more than $35.1 billion in wages for U.S. workers. The toy industry generates $14.98 billion in tax revenue each year The toy industry supports hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs, and reinvests billions of dollars here at home. Up to 82¢ of every toy retail dollar remains in the U.S. Just under 82% of U.S. retail dollars remain in the country as a result of U.S. domestic operations (e.g., production plus wholesale and retail). About 65¢ of every toy production dollar remains in the U.S. On average, about 65% of the more than $18.4B that toy companies invest annually in production (e.g., salaries, benefits, and material costs) remain in the U.S. 3) Viewer Questions/Topics From Antoine Lewis: Do you think Hasbro would ever do a Generations line with just beast wars characters? Because with today's advance technology, they could redo some of the original beast wars figures like they did with Generations Rat Trap, Waspinator, and Rhinox Outro CTN: Shattered Cast Uncut Enter The Realm Toy Detox Figga Bangin Beers & Bolters 40k Plastic Fanatics Breaking The Mold Nerd Rage Radio Fresh Communication Building Up To It Verbally Challenged Masterpiece Shitpiece Theater Honorable Mentions: Back & Forth Tedious Podcast Network Blackout & Shout All Qued Up Off The Runner Bed Bath & Bionicle Cybercast Around 30min with Deluxe Baldwin