Stasis Lock 140 - Paint Me Like One Of Your Fembots

With co-hosts: Ty Prime DaltiniansTFs Megamus Angry Mike Cadillac Joe Clutch/BricksOnTheDollar Special Guest - Cryotek's Customs Twitter - @CryotekCustoms Instagram - @CryotekCustoms Interested in being interviewed on the show? send us a message on Facebook! Intros Höls Episode Review N/A Beast Bangin' N/A Collector interview Cryotek's Customs Beast Out & Shout! Insects vs Insects News More BW Protos on eBay Topics 1)What kind of "soundtrack would you put together for Beast Wars Season 2? 2)Would you like to see the return of toy-themed board/card games? How likely or often are you to play them? Would you be more likely if they were digital/app games? 3)What is one thing you would want to change about the fandom? Viewer Questions/Topics Who do you think the most difficult S1 character would be to make as a Masterpiece? Could any of the ones out now be improved upon? Outro Cool Table Network: Shattered Cast Uncut Enter The Realm Toy Detox Figga Bangin Beers & Bolters 40k Plastic Fanatics Breaking The Mold Nerd Rage Radio Fresh Communication Building Up To It Verbally Challenged Masterpiece Shitpiece Theater Honorable Mentions: Back & Forth Tedious Podcast Network Blackout & Shout All Qued Up Off The Runner Bed Bath & Bionicle Cybercast Galactic Gumbo Around 30min with Deluxe Baldwin