Welcome To The Terror Drome 29 - “Bo Mode/ Get Bo to the chopper”

Episode 29

“Bo Mode/ Get Bo to the chopper”

The smashed Shieldtailed snakes are back after a 2 week hiatus! After the quantum realm intro we discuss: Bo’s Intro and his flip phone (4:56), Christopher Columbus History lesson with Bo (12:30), Midi intro (20:00), Dust intro/ TF Con (22:25), Bo and his favorite shitty Vulture arc/ comic artists (29:15), How was your weekend Nate?/ Italy stories (39:12), Banksy prank (55:00), Dust goes pee (58:20), Makin’ Fakin’ or Breakin’ news (60:00), The Bo Walker Walk Through (64:00), Lego collection stolen (66:40), Sex Doll Brothel turned down (70:11), Man booby traps house (72:00), Midi Minute (77:50), outros....