Welcome To The Terror Drome 30 - “Diametrically Opposed”

Episode 30

“Diametrically Opposed”

The mad Moccasin Snakes are back with episode dirty 30. This week after the blood stool intro, we discuss: Cobra-LA Bizzaro world (3:15), Bo’s intro/ thanks and apologies/ home with the boys/ hurricanes and flip phones (5:30), Midi intro/ check engine light (14:50), Dust’s intro/ Grapefruit beer (18:45), How was your week Nate?/ new shirts (27:20), Is soup a cereal? (32:35), Cobra-LA vs. The ROC (39:40), Halloween costume memories (41:20), RIP Paul Allen (54:50), Makin’ Fakin’ or Breakin’ news (55:30), Bo Walker Walk Through (61:02), Fire pants lawyer (62:00), Southern Second (69:00), Midi Minute (78:00), Outros....