Welcome To The Terror Drome 32 - “I was that fan you turned off.”

Episode 32

“I was that fan you turned off.”

The Black Rat Snakes are back with episode 32 and after the Pronounciate intro we discuss, Bo intro/ his Saturday Night Live Halloween party (6:32), Midi’s still breathing intro (11:23), Dust intro/ TFCon & IROC? (12:38), How was your week Nathan?/Moving/new garage home life (19:30), Bometheus Fisk (28:10), Pet Cemetery reboot (31:20), Allan Quartermaine movie (35:35), RDR2 (42:20), No Makin’ Fakin’ Breakin’ News (54:40), Souther Sensibility Second (56:20), Midi minute (61:00), outros (67:40).