Welcome To The Terror Drome 10 - “The Frogman Cometh”

Episode X

“The Frogman Cometh”

The garden variety garden snakes have it’s first guest this week on episode ten. We discuss Bo’s tats (4:20), CLR podcast animation (6:20), Dust’s adventures at Skullfest (9:18), The Frogman cometh (14:35), T-shirt give away news (20:25), Nathan and the Dentist (25:22), Re-casting Lois Lane set-up (34:25), Dust’s casting couch (38:00), Midi’s list is so Midi (41:15), Frogman’s picks (42:55), Bo knows Lois (47:37), Nathan’s picks (52:05), and the winners are (55:30), Nathan goes pee (57:35), Bo questions Frogman (59:19), Dealers choice (64:10), Empty the Brinks truck (66:43), $1.2 million in stolen what?! (73:25)