Welcome To The Terror Drome 11 - “Margot Kidder was collateral damage”

Episode 11

“Margot Kidder was collateral damage”

The diamond in the rough Diamondbacks are back with episode 11. This week we prank Midi and Bo with the intro, Midi shows up drunk (3:40), we discuss Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Clue (6:30), Midi threatens to drop 32 bars (11:14), Nate at the dentist pt. 2 (13:30), R.I.P. Margot Kidder and our newfound supernatural podcast power (21:00), Android podcast apps (27:20), Bo-erry Seinfeld (32:35), Insta-stories and flip flops (35:00), Yoohoo is Chocolate water (39:30), liquor ingredient labels and peach-a-rita’s (42:17), Bo’s new wave Holy Ghost (51:01), Midi Minute: Pornhub socks (58:55), Bo’s plugs (65), Gundam building (69:00), Midi’s most clear plugs EVER (72:00), Dust’s Easy Money disappointment (77:00)