Welcome To The Terror Drome 12 - “Requesting additional time on the grill”

Episode 12

“Requesting additional time on the grill”

The wonderful water snakes are back again with episode 12. This week we give a heartfelt low-energy apology (2:30), Bo goes to North Carolina (3:00), Midi and Bo vs. Chip and Dale (5:55), Dust teases coming to LA and tells us about his new store assignment (8:30), Nate and his I Love Lucy moment (11:30), Bo gives us re-casting homework for next week (15:20), Nate in Whale’s Vagina (16:16), IV bags are cheating (23:00), high seas sport fishing (25:30), IPA talk (31:00), Wheelchair roll-by (32:00), Dads disrespectfully grilling steak (36:30), save the show Bo (44:19), Mysterious Jake (46:30), dealers choice (55:50), Dr. Dre vs. Dr. Drai (59:30), Alligator’s kidnapping threats in Connecticut (64:10), Bo’s southern roots would fuck up an alligator/ The Southern Second Segment is born (71:10), The Midi Minute (73:10), outro’s...