Welcome To The Terror Drome 16 - “Clearly you don’t have a drug problem”

Episode 16

“Clearly you don’t have a drug problem”

The cray cray Crayfish snakes are back with episode sweet 16. This week after the bridge builder intro we discuss, new Bo who dis? (3:30), Bo quits smoking day 4 (6:00), Barry Very White Dust intro (14:50), Nathan’s 20 year HS reunion/ Midi arrives (18:00),
Mr. Rodgers Documentary (21:10), Midi Midtro (22:40), Jujubee tree’s (24:26),
Dust’s quarterly sock and underwear purge (25:25), The Departed and Joker Nicholson (34:20), Pre-Maid cleaning (38:10), Mini Midi and Zsa Zsa Gabor (46:00), The dangers of masterbation (47:15), Midi Minute falls apart (56:40), Another Nathan and his stepdad story (61:00), Give Jonah Hex another chance (65:00), “Got nothing” outro’s (67:00)