Welcome To The Terror Drome 13 - “We worked hard on getting this interview but we’re not married to it”

Yo! The slithery serpents are back with lucky episode 13 and we have a very special guest this week in Hip-Hop Producer Eric Vanderslice. This week we discuss, Midi’s midgets (8:20), Vanderslice ending the interview early (9:20), Vanderslice interview (10:30), The Dustmightz forum (15:50), Re-visiting The Empty Threats podcast (18:50), Dust had beef with everyone (22:55), The Dustmightz Ed & Breakfast (24:30), New Balances and Wrestling (33:50), Vanderslice’s new album drops 7/12 (38:00), I Love Lucy 2018 re-cast (49:30), Roseanne (65:20), The Midi Minute (72:20), THE GREATEST OUTRO IN OUR PODCASTS HISTORY feat. Lil Nathan and The Bums (76:40) ENJOY.