Welcome To The Terror Drome 18 - “Pick me up an anything-A-Rita”

Episode 18

“Pick me up an anything-A-Rita”

The Sunbeam Snakes are back with their fully legal 18th episode. After the edibles intro we discuss finally being 18 (2:20), The weird 4th of July week and the hero’s that are retail warriors (3:20), Bo’s cigarette slip and weed talk (8:30), Bo’s legendary ambrosia salad (14:50), A new shirt run in the works (17:50) Midi-The Right Thing (19:40), Dust’s Grand Mac of a vacation (21:40), Easy Money bonus watch along show in the works? (25:50), Nathan’s House vacation packages and Dusts counter offer/ Nathan saves a dogs life (29:40), Dust Dust Goose (37:35), Hard to say goodbye to a Bonsai (43:38), Mid show Straw-ber-Rita drink service (47:00), Bo and marketing magic (49:39), Was the homework done? (57:20), Re-casting our own show (62:35), Southern Sensibility Second ‘Accents’ (70:40), Broadcast terminated! (79:25), Midi Minute ‘Man vs. Bull’ (82:40), Tom Cruising along (88:10), outros (95:20)