Welcome To The Terror Drome 19 - “I’ve been off the cereal”

Episode 19

“I’ve been off the cereal”

The Electric Elephant Trunk Snakes are back with episode 19. This week after the French Michael “Low Mic” Migeet intro we discuss having our 4th guest in Brian “Rolling Steel” (2:35), Bo’s intro is hijacked (5:20), Comedy Bingo ideas (9:30), Georgia State birds (13:03), Midi’s intro “how hot was it?” (15:06), Dust’s intro and his battle against cereal (18:17), Brian’s intro/interview construction/karate and collectibles (24:45),
The Gung-Ho measurement system and hot butter feelings (41:45), Nate’s weekend and breweries (48:40), What if... (57:10), Dealers choice stories (57:10), Man with worlds longest fingernails (67:00), Bo’s missing Southern Second (75:50), Triple Bypass Brian (77:50), Good Bad Ugly recast (82:00), Midi Minute (93:09), Dust counts down Nathan (95:00), Outro....