Welcome To The Terror Drome 20 - “Yoyoyoyoyoyo. A score’s a score.”

Episode 20

“Yoyoyoyoyoyo. A score’s a score.”

The gabbing Gaboon Vipers are back with episode twenty twen twen. This week after High Blood Pressure Gang intro we discuss, Bo’s Bingo update intro(3:40), Bo’s anti smoking METH-od (5:50), High on the Henry Hill (7:10), Midi is still hot and paying high rent but has 1000 nick-names (9:40), Dust’s yoyoyoyoyoyoyo’s (11:45), Pumps voicemail (13:40), Nathan’s family reunion weekend and edibles in the airport (20:15), Sunblock in Nathan’s eye (31:00), Bo get’s baited (34:30), Nathan’s homeless eviction service (37:30), Bo and Robey (44:20), ITunes reviews (48:50), Donnie Brasco “a score is a score” (54:35), Dealers choice stories (61:00), Drunk seagulls (63:20), Naked gym guy (66:50), Bo’s Southern Sensibilities Second or Dad Joke (69:00),
Midi Minute (74:50), Beef with Dust (80:52), Nathan’s late 90’s album of the week (84:20), Outro’s (87:00)