Welcome To The Terror Drome 17 - “Me and Chris have another podcast after this”

Episode 17

“Me and Chris have another podcast after this”

This week the Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes are back agin with episode 17 and this week we have a guest in the basket.
After the “where’s bo and the Latter Day Saints” intro we discuss wether Pumps is the 2nd or 3rd guest (3:30), Chris Haskell will be mad (4:48), Bo’s intro and his friends documentary he knows nothing about (6:20), 12 days no smoking (7:25), The Midi-nternet (11:10), Thats not my Dust intro (15:19), Pumps intro (17:50) , Landscaping Nashville (20:28), Nathan and his “out of town” wedding appearance (26:58), Don’t invite Dust to a wedding (35:25), Midi’s keys to relationships and economics (37:00), Bo’s 4th of July plans and man made lakes (42:00), Dust’s 4th plans (48:40), Midi’s 4th plans (50:55), Pumps 4th plans and American tacos aka hotdogs (52:10), dealers choice story time (54:40), Smelly airline passenger story also Nathan snaps at Midi (58:10), Trumpstone chewable vitamins (64:10), “Oh we’re done?” / Pumps video game collection (72:50), Bo’s Southern Serious Sensibility Second (80:30), The Midi Minute (88:40), Not Dusts Gotti (92:00),