Welcome To The Terror Drome 22 - “Anything from “welcome” to “farewell” stays”

Episode 22

“Anything from “welcome” to “farewell” stays”

The gutter mouthed Garter Snakes are back with their 22nd episode,. This week after the ‘What’s the Dill’ intro the guys discuss Bo’s intro and more comedy bingo reveals (3:00), No Midi (7:45), Dust Yoyoyoyoyoyyo intro (8:10),
Chris coming into LA hot for a bonus show? (9:20), Video show? Live? Season 2 (12:12), How was your week Nate (14:38), Midi come back! (18:15), Friend of the show Steven Seagal (20:40), Terry Silver/Jerry Goldsmith (31:27), Do you even Slow-Mo Bro? (34:05), Disney X-Men MCU (38:08), Mission Nobody Watched-able (48:03), Dealers choice (51:08),
Bo Walker-us-through (54:28), Fly tipping dominos (57:25), Heavy Metal Mates (61:25), Souther Second (65:08), Beef with Dust (69:08), ‘Here in lies the Rub’ (71:00), outros...