Welcome To The Terror Drome 24 - “Don’t be a Perm Snarkey”

Episode 24

“Don’t be a Perm Snarkey”

The sharp tongued Sharp Tailed Snakes are back with episode 24 and after the Bong hit intro we discuss, Midi are you ok? (2:30), you haven’t seen what?! (3:30), Laser Dicks on Laser Disc (7:30), new artist on board (10:20), The Road (13:25), Bo Intro good and bad news (14:45), Dust intro/ NJCC (23:40), one server for 30 people at BWW (28:20), there’s fly on my face (34:40), Stromboli (39:57), how was your week Nate?/ dog sitting/ NDA’s (41:20),
Riptide? (48:00), 60’s television and assault (49:50), The Snotbox news (52:45), Bo Walker walk through (56:50), man shot over chicken (59:51), cocaine bread rolls (65:10), WTF is Dust’s segment? (67:45), Night of the Comet/ 80’s cheese scale (68:55), The Southern Sensibility Second (76:00), Outros (83:40)