Welcome To The Terror Drome 21 - “I haven’t decided what’s the matter yet.”

Episode 21

“I haven’t decided what’s the matter yet.”

The funny False Cobra’s are back with their unprecedented 21st episode, after the acoustic “fuck that dude” intro the guys discuss being 21 (2:20), Barry Red “How you been?” (4:40), Bo’s intro and regional grandparent names (5:30),
Dusts Nazi grandmother (9:00), Midi’s MIDIocre weather report (16:45), Dust’s intro and his food fight with Mr. Groper (20:27), Nathan’s week and being Great Silence’d (37:46), Rampage (42:15), Macon Beerfest (45:40), Venom trailer (48:15), Get well Vanderslice (55:50),
Pee break (57:00), Dealer’s choice stories (61:30), All eggs in Bo’s basket (65:45), New Jersey Pooper Superintendent (68:00), Bo’s titty puck (71:35), Off the air with Albythere (73:30), Midi Minute (75:25), Southern Second (76:25), Beef with Dust (79:25), Outros (80:20)