Welcome To The Terror Drome 25 - “Yo, Yo, Yo your boat.”

Episode 25

“Yo, Yo, Yo your boat.”

The Exciting Adjective Eyelash Vipers are back with episode 25 and boy it’s a doozy. After the car crash intro, we have a guest snake in the basket and its Jose HarikenBX (3:17), Bo Intro/ Palmed Trees (8:06), Bo’s a life saver (11:13), Bananas and hotdogs (15:37), Midi intro/ Midi’s millions (17:47), Dust intro (21:13), 80’s cheese cinema
‘Tuff Turf’/ James Spader or David Spade? (23:40), Hackensack Box (35:25), How was your week Nate?/Fantasy Football (40:20), Homeless guy water cup (44:50), Madden Tournament shooting (45:50), Nate attempts a crazy wedding story/ Dust has notes (50:21), What are we doing now?/ Dust and the ladies (55:16), Nathan pulls the van over/New driver (65:46), Making Breaking or Faking News (68:15), Bo Walker Walk through (71:30), A fellow named Felony (74:30), Nathan attempts wedding story again (76:22), DAD’S MAD (77:56), Nathan wedding story attempt #3 (82:40),
DAD’S MAD AGAIN (87:20), Nathan wedding story attempt #4 and finishes this time (89:00), Hadoukin BK outro (95:00), Midi Minute (97:35), Southern Sensibility Second (100:12), Finally..... outros