Welcome To The Terror Drome 28 - “Tell that guy I’m not cleaning it up.”

Episode 28

“Tell that guy I’m not cleaning it up.”

The calm California Red Sided Garter Snakes are back with episode 28. After the Dust’s Devil Dog by Drake intro we discuss Bo’s intro/ Landscaping (5:30), Chucky Cheeses (11:20), Dust intro/ Hollywood secrets with Dust and White Boy Rick (17:20), How was your week Nate?/ Packers week 2 (23:15), Vanlord (25:44), Amazon returns (28:30), Nathan’s grandmother (29:35), Coke-a-Canibus (31:50), Delorian gangs (36:00), Kiefer Sutherland’s antics (41:08), Making, Breaking or Faking news (44:50), The Bo Walker Walkthrough (48:15), Uranus Examiner (52:21), How to murder your husband (55:06), Divorces over fortnight/ E sports scholarships (63:00), outros (67:00)