Welcome To The Terror Drome 26 - “Mandingo Hard”

Episode 26

“Mandingo Hard”

The Milk snakes that have the milk shakes that brings all the listeners to the pod, are back with episode 26. This week after the Harrison Ford intro we discuss, Bo intro/ more bingo discoveries (3:05), How’s smoking going/Dennis Leary (10:15), Midi Intro (12:40), Dust intro/ sleep schedule (15:00), Knock Hockey (22:00), How was your week Nathan?/ migraine/ Fantasy Football (24:00), Easy Money (28:40), 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T/ Heckle and Jeckle strike again (35:12), Mother! (41:00), Eminem (43:00), Bo’s Rap Plebium (50:00), A dashing diner (51:40), Making, Faking or Breaking News (54:40), Bo Walker Walk Through (59:50), Dog sitting lube story (65:50), DAD’S MAD AGAIN (67:30), Midi Minute (70:20),