Welcome To The Terror Drome 19 - “I’ve been off the cereal”

Episode 19

“I’ve been off the cereal”

The Electric Elephant Trunk Snakes are back with episode 19. This week after the French Michael “Low Mic” Migeet intro we discuss having our 4th guest in Brian “Rolling Steel” (2:35), Bo’s intro is hijacked (5:20), Comedy Bingo ideas (9:30), Georgia State birds (13:03), Midi’s intro “how hot was it?” (15:06), Dust’s intro and his battle against cereal (18:17), Brian’s intro/interview construction/karate and collectibles (24:45),
The Gung-Ho measurement system and hot butter feelings (41:45), Nate’s weekend and breweries (48:40), What if... (57:10), Dealers choice stories (57:10), Man with worlds longest fingernails (67:00), Bo’s missing Southern Second (75:50), Triple Bypass Brian (77:50), Good Bad Ugly recast (82:00), Midi Minute (93:09), Dust counts down Nathan (95:00), Outro....


Welcome To The Terror Drome 18 - “Pick me up an anything-A-Rita”

Episode 18

“Pick me up an anything-A-Rita”

The Sunbeam Snakes are back with their fully legal 18th episode. After the edibles intro we discuss finally being 18 (2:20), The weird 4th of July week and the hero’s that are retail warriors (3:20), Bo’s cigarette slip and weed talk (8:30), Bo’s legendary ambrosia salad (14:50), A new shirt run in the works (17:50) Midi-The Right Thing (19:40), Dust’s Grand Mac of a vacation (21:40), Easy Money bonus watch along show in the works? (25:50), Nathan’s House vacation packages and Dusts counter offer/ Nathan saves a dogs life (29:40), Dust Dust Goose (37:35), Hard to say goodbye to a Bonsai (43:38), Mid show Straw-ber-Rita drink service (47:00), Bo and marketing magic (49:39), Was the homework done? (57:20), Re-casting our own show (62:35), Southern Sensibility Second ‘Accents’ (70:40), Broadcast terminated! (79:25), Midi Minute ‘Man vs. Bull’ (82:40), Tom Cruising along (88:10), outros (95:20)


Welcome To The Terror Drome 17 - “Me and Chris have another podcast after this”

Episode 17

“Me and Chris have another podcast after this”

This week the Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes are back agin with episode 17 and this week we have a guest in the basket.
After the “where’s bo and the Latter Day Saints” intro we discuss wether Pumps is the 2nd or 3rd guest (3:30), Chris Haskell will be mad (4:48), Bo’s intro and his friends documentary he knows nothing about (6:20), 12 days no smoking (7:25), The Midi-nternet (11:10), Thats not my Dust intro (15:19), Pumps intro (17:50) , Landscaping Nashville (20:28), Nathan and his “out of town” wedding appearance (26:58), Don’t invite Dust to a wedding (35:25), Midi’s keys to relationships and economics (37:00), Bo’s 4th of July plans and man made lakes (42:00), Dust’s 4th plans (48:40), Midi’s 4th plans (50:55), Pumps 4th plans and American tacos aka hotdogs (52:10), dealers choice story time (54:40), Smelly airline passenger story also Nathan snaps at Midi (58:10), Trumpstone chewable vitamins (64:10), “Oh we’re done?” / Pumps video game collection (72:50), Bo’s Southern Serious Sensibility Second (80:30), The Midi Minute (88:40), Not Dusts Gotti (92:00),


Welcome To The Terror Drome 16 - “Clearly you don’t have a drug problem”

Episode 16

“Clearly you don’t have a drug problem”

The cray cray Crayfish snakes are back with episode sweet 16. This week after the bridge builder intro we discuss, new Bo who dis? (3:30), Bo quits smoking day 4 (6:00), Barry Very White Dust intro (14:50), Nathan’s 20 year HS reunion/ Midi arrives (18:00),
Mr. Rodgers Documentary (21:10), Midi Midtro (22:40), Jujubee tree’s (24:26),
Dust’s quarterly sock and underwear purge (25:25), The Departed and Joker Nicholson (34:20), Pre-Maid cleaning (38:10), Mini Midi and Zsa Zsa Gabor (46:00), The dangers of masterbation (47:15), Midi Minute falls apart (56:40), Another Nathan and his stepdad story (61:00), Give Jonah Hex another chance (65:00), “Got nothing” outro’s (67:00)


Welcome To The Terror Drome 15 - “You’re just gonna decide out of the fucking blue?!”

Episode 15

“You’re just gonna decide out of the fucking blue?!”

The unapologetic Anacondas return with episode 15. This week after the beardless Midi intro, we discuss our first YouTube strike (2:30), Bo’s mic trouble again (6:00), The Bingo Night Knights (10:00), Midi ‘s intro (12:45), Dust’s intro and the ETR 3 year anniversary (14:25), Nathan and his Sandlot Father’s Day weekend (20:20), Police name-pin fun (29:22), The Space Force (34:40), The E! True Hollywood story of Cobra-LA’s 4 Horsemen/ Teek Hall beef (52:10), New Nas (75:30), Bo’s Southern Second (81:00), The Midi Minute (83:50), Dusty McConaughey outro (87:37)


Welcome To The Terror Drome 14 - “I figured you for a Mako guy.”

Episode 14

“I figured you for a Mako guy.”

The Sidewinders are back with episode 14 and I must say it’s our best one yet. This week after the no Nathan helicopter intro, we discuss drinking and driving and working (3:30), a co-worker asks Nathan an interesting question (10:00), Bo’s beach blast and mini-vans (14:50), hammerhead sharks and Bo’s measuring method (19:20), year round school (26:40), are we still doing intros? (29:20), Bo goes pee (31:12), stand alone Joker projects (33:49), DC is trash but Bats v. Supes was dope (41:35), Batman is a fucking chin (49:13), Nathan gets upset (51:40), Gotham (58:55), Woman releases kids from cages (61:53), Nathan’s Stepdad stories (67:00), Midi Minute (78:35), Bo’s Southern Second (79:10), Beef with Dust (85:00), outro (88:00)..... ENJOY.

Welcome To The Terror Drome 13 - “We worked hard on getting this interview but we’re not married to it”

Yo! The slithery serpents are back with lucky episode 13 and we have a very special guest this week in Hip-Hop Producer Eric Vanderslice. This week we discuss, Midi’s midgets (8:20), Vanderslice ending the interview early (9:20), Vanderslice interview (10:30), The Dustmightz forum (15:50), Re-visiting The Empty Threats podcast (18:50), Dust had beef with everyone (22:55), The Dustmightz Ed & Breakfast (24:30), New Balances and Wrestling (33:50), Vanderslice’s new album drops 7/12 (38:00), I Love Lucy 2018 re-cast (49:30), Roseanne (65:20), The Midi Minute (72:20), THE GREATEST OUTRO IN OUR PODCASTS HISTORY feat. Lil Nathan and The Bums (76:40) ENJOY.

Welcome To The Terror Drome 12 - “Requesting additional time on the grill”

Episode 12

“Requesting additional time on the grill”

The wonderful water snakes are back again with episode 12. This week we give a heartfelt low-energy apology (2:30), Bo goes to North Carolina (3:00), Midi and Bo vs. Chip and Dale (5:55), Dust teases coming to LA and tells us about his new store assignment (8:30), Nate and his I Love Lucy moment (11:30), Bo gives us re-casting homework for next week (15:20), Nate in Whale’s Vagina (16:16), IV bags are cheating (23:00), high seas sport fishing (25:30), IPA talk (31:00), Wheelchair roll-by (32:00), Dads disrespectfully grilling steak (36:30), save the show Bo (44:19), Mysterious Jake (46:30), dealers choice (55:50), Dr. Dre vs. Dr. Drai (59:30), Alligator’s kidnapping threats in Connecticut (64:10), Bo’s southern roots would fuck up an alligator/ The Southern Second Segment is born (71:10), The Midi Minute (73:10), outro’s...

Welcome To The Terror Drome 11 - “Margot Kidder was collateral damage”

Episode 11

“Margot Kidder was collateral damage”

The diamond in the rough Diamondbacks are back with episode 11. This week we prank Midi and Bo with the intro, Midi shows up drunk (3:40), we discuss Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Clue (6:30), Midi threatens to drop 32 bars (11:14), Nate at the dentist pt. 2 (13:30), R.I.P. Margot Kidder and our newfound supernatural podcast power (21:00), Android podcast apps (27:20), Bo-erry Seinfeld (32:35), Insta-stories and flip flops (35:00), Yoohoo is Chocolate water (39:30), liquor ingredient labels and peach-a-rita’s (42:17), Bo’s new wave Holy Ghost (51:01), Midi Minute: Pornhub socks (58:55), Bo’s plugs (65), Gundam building (69:00), Midi’s most clear plugs EVER (72:00), Dust’s Easy Money disappointment (77:00)


Welcome To The Terror Drome 10 - “The Frogman Cometh”

Episode X

“The Frogman Cometh”

The garden variety garden snakes have it’s first guest this week on episode ten. We discuss Bo’s tats (4:20), CLR podcast animation (6:20), Dust’s adventures at Skullfest (9:18), The Frogman cometh (14:35), T-shirt give away news (20:25), Nathan and the Dentist (25:22), Re-casting Lois Lane set-up (34:25), Dust’s casting couch (38:00), Midi’s list is so Midi (41:15), Frogman’s picks (42:55), Bo knows Lois (47:37), Nathan’s picks (52:05), and the winners are (55:30), Nathan goes pee (57:35), Bo questions Frogman (59:19), Dealers choice (64:10), Empty the Brinks truck (66:43), $1.2 million in stolen what?! (73:25)

Welcome To The Terror Drome 09 - "Based on what I’ve seen... I give it a 9”

Episode 9

"Based on what I’ve seen... I give it a 9”

The Cordial Copperheads are back with episode 9 from outer space. In this episode we discuss discussing re-casting the original Lois Lane (2:40), Bo’s drunk and we become “The Morning Zoo” (7:45), Midi is sick (11:20), Nathan vs. Flexall 454 (14:15), Dustmightz vs. an acronym (17:00), Chimp Chat (21:00), FULL AVENGERS TALK ALL SPOILERS (26:30), What system ya got?/ RDR 52:20), Nathan buys a pocket IQ test (60:00), Bill Cosby/ Midi’s sent to the penalty box (62:30), Rich people are leaving us for space (68:00), Outros (73:28)

Welcome To The Terror Drome 08 - "Eight Is Enough"

Episode 8

“Eight is enough”

The Polarizing Pythons are back with episode 8. In this episode we have the Ricky Ricardo intro, Where’s Midi (2:45), Bo’s soapbox derby day (8:30), Midi’s special guest (11:12), Dust’s dental dilemma (14:05), Nate’s Bonsai update (20:25), Ethiopian food fight (22:40), Coconut oil (26:15), Rapchat (32:30), Venmo date thief (42:00), Battlefield Earth-ology (48:00), T-shirt giveaway details (58:00)

Welcome To The Terror Drome 07

The Sleepy Serpents are back with episode 7. In this episode we touch on Bo’s recent Macon performance (3:35), Tipping over outhouses (9:30), The Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong scandal (11:45), VR game business (20:50), Nathan’s issues with certain current commercials (30:00), Random banter ensues (42:10), The Midi Minute (53:00) and then the wheels absolutely fall off the wagon and we talk to end the show. Enjoy one of our most random episodes yet!

Welcome To The Terror Drome 05

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?” Why you ask? Because the bed of boa’s are back with episode 5! This week we discuss cooking with Dustmightz (8:45), Nathan’s birthday (13:50), Midi’s mic cutting out mid-show (20:15), Wresltemania and GI Joe memories (24:11), Nathan breaks down a rhyme or two (33:45), The New Jumanji (44:00), The thieving, kidnapping and murdering Monkeys of India (50:00), The state of the milk industry and Dust’s cereal problem (60:10) and the Seltzer water debate (71:25) Enjoy.

Welcome To The Terror Drome 04

The Pit of Vipers are back with episode 4 of ‘Welcome to The Terror Drome’ and it’s more of the same shenanigans you’re growing to know and love. In this episode we discuss the 1960’s television show ‘Wild, Wild West’ (7:45), scary movies that shook us as kids (21:00), Matthew McConaughey’s endorsement deals (33:00), Deadpool 2 (38:25), Bo on local Macon Georgia radio this week (46:00), Album lengths (55:00) and Nathan’s dive into the art of Bonsai (68:00) Enjoy!!!