Show Review: The Gifted - Episode 3: eXodus


Oh man, I am really trying, I really am; this show is just really not good. I feel like my eyes were bleeding while I watched this trash. And before I go further let me put in the:


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So let’s start off with the cute episode name: “eXodus.” All of them have a capital “X” in them so you definitely know you are watching an X-Men show (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Anyways, this episode brings more of the same: weak story, weak acting, and just poor overall eXecution (see what I did there? Dad jokes in full effect).  As I review this episode, I am not going to go in full chronological order. I am going to jump around from character to character.

So the episode (in a nut shell) has showed us that you should always listen to Thunderbird and Favoc (Fake Havoc aka Eclipse), cause they are right 99% of the time. That’s all that matters about these two characters in this episode. They are right and you are wrong. Nuff Said!


At the end of episode 2 ("rX"), we saw Reed getting captured and making a deal with Coby Bell to protect his family.


Well, after introducing some more mutant fodder throughout the episode, Reed is touched by THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS (Yes, after Reed was touched, the Real Ghostbusters caught the Spirits of Christmas, sorry everyone Christmas is officially Cancelled).


He then has a change of heart and gets sent to mutant jail even though he is not a mutant. Meanwhile, the rest of our family go see Lauren’s brother and, you guessed it, typical hijinks ensue.


Lauren’s brother wants nothing really to do with the situation…that is, until the neighbors come and threaten to huff and puff his house down unless he sends the mutants out. And out they came, with some more piss poor special effects and a typical outcome.


The one bright spot of this episode might be that Blink is actually starting to look like Blink. Her acting is still not good, and I really don’t believe that it’s because of her acting ability.  The scripts are just bad.


I know I really haven’t mentioned Polaris at all, but there really wasn’t a reason for me to mention her. I think she is miscast and everything about her character is just plain old awful.


While I’m sure you can see that I am not a fan of this show, I keep watching it and I am truly hoping that it will get better. So I’m three episodes in and if I subscribed to the Bobby SkullFace method (three episodes and done),


I could dump this show already, but I am going to try to give it to Episode 6 and hope that it picks up and gets much better. It’s a comic book show, I have to give it that much right? I mean I watch all the other comic shows out there (yes, including that awful Super-girl as well as Legends of Tomorrow), but when I can honestly say that both of those CW shows are light years better than this, it’s a sad state of just how awful this Gifted show really is. 

When does this show come back?


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