What Do You Think Of When You Hear The Word "Geek" or "Nerd?"


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘geek’ or ‘nerd?'


Most people think of fat guys with neckbeards who live in their mother’s basement eating Cheetos and chugging Mountain Dew.  

Hardly ever does the image of a well groomed, physically fit, good looking young man come to mind.  Even rarer still does the image of a woman, any woman, any female at all, come to mind.

Alas, it is true.  We, as female geeks and nerds, are not often thought of when hearing those words.  Many times, it is with a kind of fascination that female geeks/nerds are viewed with. When attending a Comic-Con, females are often seen as, “The sweet wife/girlfriend tagging along with their husband/boyfriend”.  She is not typically seen as a fellow geek/nerd.  

I understand that not a lot of this blog’s audience is female, and I equally understand that not many of the blog’s readers read my entries just because it is so very female oriented.  My apologies.  I wanted to remind all the readers that in this lovely nerdom (that we are all members of), there are a great many females that feel somewhat alienated.  They are seen as an anomaly, not the norm.

I want to use this entry to inform all the males in this group, that yes, there are many females with similar interests to you.  Yes, we do exist.  Yes, it is entirely possible that you have underestimated that beautiful woman you met at that last Comic-Con.  And yes, the Voltron Black Lion she was holding was for her collection, not for somebody else.

Ladies, I am here to invite you, all of you, to let your geek side shine. Post up the pictures of your collections.  Send in those “What’s in the Fucking Box” videos (editor’s note:  send all video submissions to entertherealmcast@gmail.com).  Let us see your nerd life.  In this community, all are welcome.  Come inside and chill at the Cool Table. Bring your figures, your fanart, your folded T-shirts (yes Eddie, I said folded), sit down and enjoy.  


Much love to everyone in the Realm.  Have a great day and remember that it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves your collection as long as you love your collection.

Anna DuBois

First Lady Of The ROC


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