Stasis Lock 137 - Grab Your Buckets

With co-hosts: Ty Prime DaltiniansTFs Megamus Angry Mike Cadillac Joe Clutch/BricksOnTheDollar Interested in being interviewed on the show? send us a message on Facebook! Intros Höls Episode Review N/A N/A Collector interview Stuart Daniel - Tafftrooper_photography on Instagram Beast Out & Shout! Gary Chalk vs Peter Cullen News MegaToyFan Hammer sold out at show New Stasis Lock accessory voting - vintage or modern toy JX Megatron full painted reveal Takara Tomy God Neptune Takara Tomy MP-48 Lio Convoy Robocon 2019 Surprise exclusive Under-3 Massive amounts of never before seen pre-production and prototype items on display at Robocon 2019 Additional never before seen pre production and prototype materials not seen at the show Topics 1) How likely do you think it will be for Takara to finish the roster of characters from all of the Beast Wars series? 2) Do you think we will be forced to supplement organic MP Beasts with 3rd Party? (read some viewer answers) 3) Robocon 2019 Recap Viewer Questions/Topics Outro Cool Table Network: Shattered Cast Uncut Enter The Realm Toy Detox Figga Bangin Beers & Bolters 40k Plastic Fanatics Breaking The Mold Nerd Rage Radio Fresh Communication Building Up To It Verbally Challenged Masterpiece Shitpiece Theater Honorable Mentions: Back & Forth Tedious Podcast Network Blackout & Shout All Qued Up Off The Runner Bed Bath & Bionicle Cybercast Around 30min with Deluxe Baldwin